Jumpin Jack Flash


Welcome to Jumpin' Jack Flash, Pittsburgh's legendary tribute to The Rolling Stones. For over fifteen years, JJF has entertained thousands - young and old alike - performing at top music venues across Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio. With always musically faithful renditions of the Stones' prolific catalog spanning five decades, JJF delivers the raw power, energy, and fun of the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band. 

Mike Oncea 
"Charlie Watts"

drums, percussion, rhythm programming

Mike Oncea, Jumpin' Jack Flash

Mike is from Erie, Pennsylvania where he played in several bands around the Erie area before moving to Pittsburgh in 1995. Mike joined Jumpin’ Jack Flash in January 2003 as one of the founding members. He has been playing drums for over thirty-five years.

"I moved to Pittsburgh and kinda lost track of playing for a couple of years, so I decided to start performing again and see what possibilities existed in the Pittsburgh music scene. When I saw that a new Stones tribute band was forming and needed a guitarist, I saw the great potential and appeal that this idea would have. So, I told them to keep me in mind if they ever needed a drummer. Two weeks later, I got the call, and have been having a blast ever since!"

When the need for a new "Mick" came up, Mike instantly thought of his fellow former-Erieite Garrett Andrae. The two have performed together in Erie, and needed a good excuse to relive some old memories! 

Mike also performs with Elliottsville Road live shows and is a former member of The Mike Scheer Band, Five Star Dive, The DeAnna Dawn Denning Band, The Healers and Gideon Winter.